Craig V. Miller
Craig V. Miller

Areas of Expertise

Bridging the Gap ...

Product Verification

Expertise in Software Verification, focused on Linux embedded systems for over ten years. Created and reviewed testing strategies, test bed development, test automation, and authored and executed test plans.
  • On time Software Delivery: Led verification team in successful delivery of Linux system level solution, including embedded Pattern Matcher enablement software for the Freescale 8572 PME (Hardware Regular Expression Engine). Verification strategy included writing automation software in C, TCL/Expect, and Python.
  • Established Verification Process: Led verification team in creating test plans, and executing and automating test cases, which included debugging, documenting, and raising bugs in bug tracking system, reviewing documentation, and prioritizing issues, working with revision control system (CVS and GIT).
  • Raised Productivity: Authored and continued to improve a Quick and Easy automation scripting language, expect-lite, written in TCL/Expect, applicable to both embedded and server platforms. Initiated and championed Freescale's release of expect-lite to open source in 2007. Continue to maintain expect-lite with over 9500 downloads to date and 50 subscribers world-wide.
  • Increased Product Quality: Created innovative software regression system with multi-language support written in Python, providing confidence of early bug detection, and raising quality. System in use for over two years, executing over 40,000 lines of automated test code each night.
  • Product Integration: Managed product integration of content networking software feature set including network management (via SNMP) and configuration of the Web Switch Module (WSM) for the 8600, yielding a seamless network management view of two disparate systems.

Technical & Business Acumen

Craig is a Certified Bay Networks Router Engineer, Certified NEC ATM Switch Engineer, a RedHat Certified Technician (RHCT) Redhat Linux, and Hurricane Electric IPv6 Professional.
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