Craig V. Miller
 (613) 266-2115

Consulting Experience

Helping clients through problem solving,  strategic thinking, and my passion for technology, brings great satisfaction to me. From 1989-1999 I ran a successful consulting business in Hawaii, primarily focused on the Broadcasting Industry. During this time I successfully completed several projects, as well as performed long-term maintenance of two television transmitters in Honolulu. I had to set aside consulting work from 1999-2003 because of the demands of full time work which involved a great deal of travel.  I am now applying my skills in satisfying clients' needs in Canada as well.

Project Synopsis

Project Client
Service Rendered
ABC Downlink
ABC Affiliate TV Station
Helped plan, coordinate, and manage contractors, installed two 10 meter steerable dishes, and remote control system.
Downlink outperformed customer expectations, and is still in use today.
TV Studio Move
Independent UHF Station
Assisted in planning, then created and documented new station video plant, repaired video switcher, counseled on transition plan (from old studio to new).
Station continues to reference studio documentation I created.
National Public Radio (NPR) Downlink
NPR Affiliate
Listened to Client's downlink problem (unable to co-locate at studio), recommended a remote site, secured authority for use at remote site, coordinated, and managed contractors, installed LNA and aligned dish, installed backhaul 13 Ghz microwave to bring downlinked information back to client's studio location.
Station was able to downlink over 40 SCPC channels simultaneously, a 10x improvement at lower cost.
Software Upgrade
NPR Affiliate
Met with Client to understand additional features to be added to custom radio station automation software package, implemented additional features, and, after successful testing, deployed new software at client's location.
Delivered additional features within the client's timetable, updated software still in use today, allowing client to reduce operations costs.
Redundant Data Downlink
Real Time Stock Quote Service Provider
Worked with client to test 1.2m data downlink dishes, facilitated location selection, and installed redundant dishes.
System was in use for eight years, providing real time stock quotes to the state of Hawaii. System has been superseded by internet delivery of the data.
DWDM/CWDM Application Notes
JDS - Canada
Worked with Client Systems Engineering to understand the Optical requirements of the JDS CWDM/DWDM solution. Authored two application notes as part of the JDS Solution channel collateral
Delivered Application Notes, allowing client to better convey solution to their channel & more technical customers.
Software Verification Services
Seaway Networks - Canada
Established software regression and release procedures for client, including automated test scripting, utilizing open source tool expect-lite
Delivered automated regression and release system, allowing customer to deliver three software releases with repeatable and reliable software verification.